What can YOU do to make Good Food For Glasgow a reality? Take a look at our top tips for individuals.

1) Help make sure everyone has access to fresh, fair, healthy, affordable food:

  • Ask your local shop to consider selling more fresh, healthy food
  • Choose fresh food wherever possible
  • Choose fair trade food wherever possible
  • Volunteer for a local community organisation working on food issues

2) Use growing and cooking food to bring your community together:

  • Cook from scratch with your friends or neighbours
  • Grow your own food – at home in window boxes or pots, in an allotment of community garden
  • Find ways to share your skills with food, from recipes to tips on finding great produce

3) Support Glasgow’s local food economy:

  • Shop local
  • Try out a veg box scheme from a local farm
  • Start your own food enterprise or food buying co-op
  • Ask your school or employer to serve more good, local food

4) Enjoy and celebrate diverse, tasty and healthy food:

  • Share recipes Host a food event
  • Talk about good food – to your friends, neighbours and community

5) Make sure your food is good for the environment as well as you:

  • Keep a reusable shopping bag handy
  • Choose local, seasonal, organic food when you can
  • Eat less but better meat and dairy, supporting high animal welfare standards
  • Avoid and recycle packaging
  • Plan meals and use up leftovers to avoid wasting food
  • Recycle food waste that you can’t avoid

Don’t forget to sign up to the Good Food for All Charter to show your support!