Glasgow City Food Plan 2021-2031…

…is now ready and you can read it HERE. The Plan will be launched at an online event on the 15th June and you can book your place HERE.


Between beginning of October and end of December 2020 citizens, communities, businesses and organisations in Glasgow were invited to submit their views on the proposed Glasgow City Food Plan (GCFP), using their knowledge, experience and expertise about what works and what more is needed to improve our food system. You can read the consultation summary HERE.

The online consultation was hosted on the Glasgow City Council consultation page to enable a wide range of views to be shared. You can read the draft plan and the summary and read the consultation questions HERE. Summary of Actions and Outcomes can be seen HERE. The information about and link to the consultation was circulated widely via our partners and various groups in the city including the community councils.

We did our best to also inform people without digital access about the consultation and sent posters and flyers to various organisations in the city to help us circulate details about the consultation. Libraries were suggested as a good place for people to find out about and respond to the consultation, but unfortunately this was not possible due to further restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, hard copy consultation response forms were available at some food pantries and food banks and were sent to Fairshare to distribute to community projects/charities they work with.

Our aim was to engage with a wide number of people from different backgrounds during the consultation and engagement period. To help us do this, we put together a Communications Toolkit, which was available for anyone to use. It includes information about the consultation with suggested tweets and images about GCFP. You can find it HERE.

Between the beginning of October and end of December we organised a series of ENGAGEMENT EVENTS for people to get involved with. These included:

  • The official launch of GCFP consultation was held on the 8th October; you can read the press release HERE.
  • Community Conversation about Glasgow City Food Plan took place on the 18th November.
  • Several dates for Consulting Your Community workshops that gave participants the skills to organise their own consultation events. Train the Trainer’ pack was used to help people run their own events.
  • A targeted event for the Business Community on the 8th December
  • Our team also presented at/took part in a number of external events discussing the Glasgow City Food Plan
  • All the comments received during the engagement events were gathered either by a workshop facilitator or by a virtual system called Padlet.


In addition to the online consultation and comments received during the consultation events, we also collected information the following ways:

  • We invited people to comment on the plan via Twitter using #GlasgowCityFoodPlan
  • Health Improvement Teams sent out a survey asking questions about the Children & Young People’s section of the plan via email and posting on social media.  This was aimed at Education colleagues and Youth partner organisations for wider cascading to get more views from those who work in this sector and from young people and parents/carers themselves.
  • We wanted the final Glasgow City Food Plan to reflect the views of those working in Glasgow’s food economy about what is needed to enable this sector to contribute to an improved local food system. To help achieve this, we circulated an additional short survey on Food Economy.

For more information about the Glasgow City Food Plan, you can watch this short animation.


Glasgow Food Policy Partnership is part of a Project Team leading the development of Glasgow City Food Plan. The team consists of colleagues from Glasgow Centre for Population Health, Glasgow Food Policy Partnership, Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Community Food Network and NHSGGC.

A multisector development day was held in December 2019 to start the development of the Plan. You can read a summary of the Development Day HERE, and the presentation slides are available HERE. You can read more about the development of the plan in the NEWS and under the following 6 themes below. There is also a link to food related short films below each theme.

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