What we want for Glasgow’s people and food:

  • Healthy, affordable food that everyone can access
  • Food that is produced and sold in a fair way

What we want for Glasgow’s communities:

  • A wide range of community growing and food activities
  • Access to skills, knowledge and land, to help grow and celebrate food
  • Opportunities to learn about good food – how to grow it, cook it and enjoy it

What we want for Glasgow’s economy:

  • Shorter supply chains and a closer relationship between food producers and consumers
  • A vibrant, diverse local food economy that promotes local business and jobs

What we want for Glasgow’s food culture:

  • Celebration of our city’s diverse food and cultures
  • Healthy, sustainable and tasty food as standard

What we want for Glasgow’s environment:

  • A system for food that protects nature and reduces food miles, packaging and waste
  • Healthy, seasonal, locally and ethically sourced food available in all settings.
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