Imagine a truly sustainable food city.  A city where everyone can celebrate fresh, seasonal, local, organic and fair trade food that is delicious, healthy and affordable to all. A city that cares about its residents and the planet. This is what Glasgow Food Policy Partnership is working towards. With your help this could be Glasgow; together we can build a greener, healthier community for all of us.

Glasgow Food Summit 2019 Glasgow Food Policy Partnership (GFPP) and the Glasgow Centre for Population Health organised a Food Summit on the 29th May 2019 hosted by the Glasgow City Council. The event highlighted the importance of a city-wide, holistic approach to improving our food system for improving health, reducing food insecurity, building community resilience and mitigating our collective impact on the environment. The main aim of the summit was to start the process of developing city-wide food strategy for Glasgow. The full event report and the conference presentations are available here.

Glasgow City Food Plan  development is now on its way. Please visit the Plan Page for any updates on the work.