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Summery recipes from our Bean Cookery Workshop at City of Glasgow College:

Warm Fava Hummus with Caramelised Pistachio Butter from the Global Bean Project

Carrot and Beetroot Hummus from Beans is How

Old Fashioned Baked Beans from The Daring Gourmet

Farinata with Braised Leeks from Hodmedods

Pumpkin and Beans Roll from Beans is How


Rajma (Kidney Bean Stew) from Beans is How

British Dal Makhani from Hodmedods

Moong Dahl from Beans is How

15 minute Ful Medames – Fava Bean Stew from Hodmedods

One Pan Egg, Tomato and Beans from Beans is How

Carlin Pea, Cavalo Nero, and Sausage Stew from Bold Bean Co

Comforting mushroom and lentil ragu with wholewheat spaghetti from Beans is How

Coconut Milk Chilli Bean Stew from Kaluhi’s Kitchen

Chickpea Burger from Beans is How

Bizzetta from Beans is How


Galette Des Rois with Sweet Azuki Bean Filling by the Global Bean Project

Carlin Pea Brownies with Raisins from Hodmedods

Chocolate Spread from Brighton and Hove Food Partnership

White Bean Dark Chocolate Oat Bites from Beans is How