As a consumer, you can make a difference. Even the smallest of changes can have the biggest of impacts in your own life, your community and in encouraging policy makers to create the infrastructure for a sustainable food system.

Businesses can make an impact too. From how you dispose of your food waste, to supporting the local food economy, you have the power to make a difference.

Read our tips for individuals and for businesses to see what you can do to support Good Food for All.

What actions will you take to support Good Food for All? Sign our food charter and your message will be displayed here. Read what people are already saying below:



Susan Miller, The Dietitian Loves: “I support the Good Food For All charter and believe our schools in Glasgow should be serving freshly prepared meals, with locally sourced ingredients to our children, and organic where possible. I have made contact with Glendale Gaelic School with regards to becoming a food for life school and if agreeable to this then help them raise the necessary funds for them to achieve this. In 2014, 31% of Scotland’s children were at risk of becoming overweight (including obesity). 17% were at risk of becoming obese. The food currently being served across schools in glasgow is unacceptable and will not help Scotland’s obesity statistics. It’s time to remove the hot dogs and chocolate milk from the menu! I will promote the importance of a sustainable food system to both corporate and private clients, including the soil association and other local community food groups through my work.”


John Crossan, University of Glasgow: “Forget the damned motors car, lets build cities for lovers and friends” (Lewis Mumford)


Arlene Newbigging Grady, Aranjo Marketing Solutions: I am delighted to support your charter by buying local produce and supporting companies who produce foods without chemicals


Anonymous: Good food is essential for a good life, yet our current food system is unnecessarily complicated and does not provide what people actually need. Working together I’m sure we can change things for the better.


Anne Thomson, Berried, Scottish Berry juices: I look forward to when everyone values each other enough to want the best quality nutrition for all.


Prentice Cunningham: Good food for all makes people happy


Anonymous: I would support GF for A (Good Food for All) as a potholder and a member at Glasgow Allotments Forum. Allotments need to be involved in this. We have been showing + sharing food in Glasgow for 150 years.


Anonymous: Would love to help promote the chattel. Join up with existing industry involve input into its development


Anonymous: I am researching Glasgow’s allotments + would be happy to show research.


Anonymous: Buy more local food!


Anonymous: Talk to our customers and volunteers. Work with other local community groups.


Anonymous: I will buy local food and direct from farms using a veg box. Also volunteer at a local community garden and raise awareness of it.


Anonymous: Engage the issue of sustainable food and food poverty with people in my networks at all levels: friends, family, colleagues, students and staff at university.


Anonymous: continue to learn about ways to improve practice put it into action network with other partners


Anonymous: I am researching Glasgow’s allotments + would be happy to show research.


Anonymous: I am researching Glasgow’s allotments + would be happy to show research.


Anonymous: Support local shops more often. Eat more local produce.


Anonymous: Grow my own Continue to chair Urban Roots well so it flourishes further Maintain development of our local community garden.


Anonymous: Help create short supply chains for producers.


Anonymous: support local communities to grow + sell food develop courses in sustainable food systems grow more of my own food!


Anonymous: Hi, I have heard about “Good Food For All” charter which is really interesting and I would like to be involved and work with you in the near future


Anonymous: Campaign for local food to not throw out food which is edible and at its sell by date.


Anonymous: We have a Food Programme at Cranhill Development Trust. foods+food systems+promo. my understanding of food, poverty, environmental issues


Anonymous:  I will continue to champion local food producers.


Anonymous: encourage food waste reduction and composting encourage a shift back to seasonality


Anonymous: Keep teaching food growing skills, promoting good food for all.


Anonymous: create a community growing hub in the east end work on a network of community growers in the North East


Anonymous: I will get more people involved/informed. I would like to see more about ‘How’ these visions may be approached/achieved!


Anonymous: bringing kids to a banbnded land (own by rich) and plant some potatoes, then send it to green asa postcard


Anonymous: speak to our restaurants about their food chains encourage never move local suppliers examine food waste options


Anonymous: To read more about the GFPP (The vision) Keep in touch and want to be part of what’s happening!


Anonymous: I’m really interested in the idea of organizing a food event to join forces to become more self-sufficient or supportive of local growers, as well as brainstorming how to give back to the local community.


Anonymous: Campaign for local food to not throw out food which is edible and at its sell by date.