A more localised food economy would contribute significantly to important public policy agendas, notably the city and Scotland’s targets in tacking climate change and environmental protection, improving health and well-being across the city, stimulating local economic development and employment, and empowering communities.

Our vision is for a sustainable local food economy in Glasgow.

Our Approach

Working with partners and the wider Glasgow community our aims are:

  • To significantly increase the proportion of food consumed in Glasgow from local producers and reduce reliance on global food production networks as a way of cutting CO2 emissions and reducing the city’s carbon footprint.
  • To boost the local economy by encouraging food retailers and caterers to develop local and short food supply chains and enhance employment and training opportunities.
  • To use local public food procurement policy to promote local production, drive up food standards and knowledge about food as a way of addressing poor food diet and health related problems.
  • Using local food economy strategies to tackle food poverty through more active intervention around food recycling and the establishment of community food hubs.
  • To encourage and where possible facilitate the establishment of low priced but high quality community cafes and markets.

This manifesto has been designed to encourage focussed discussions about the actions and policies required for Glasgow to realise a future where a sustainable food system provides ‘good food for all’ its citizens.